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Do it Now — November 30, 2010

Do it Now

This one’s one of my fav poem. Really Motivating. Read and Enjoy!!!! 🙂 😀

Do you have hard work to do? Do it now!

Do you have a kind word to say? Say it now!

If you have missed an opportunity in the past, it is not worth regretting. And it’s unwise waiting for a future moment to do anything, for future can’t be trusted. Now is the time to act. Only now is yours. Seize it and make full use of it.

If you have hard work to do,

Do it now,

Today the skies are clear and blue,

Tomorrow clouds may come in view.

Yesterday is not for you;

Do it now.

If you have a song to sing,

Sing it now,

Let the tones of gladness ring

Clear as song of bird in spring,

Let each day some music bring;

Sing it now.

If you have some kind words to say,

Say them now,

Tomorrow may not come your way;

Do a kindness while you may,

Loved ones will not always stay;

Say them now.

If you have a smile to show,

Show it now,

Make hearts happy, roses grow,

Let the friends around you know

The love you have before they go;

Show it now.

Work for the night is coming,

Work through the sunny noon;

Fill brightest hours with labour,

Rest comes sure and soon;

Give every flying minute,

Something to keep in store;

Work for the night is coming,

When the man works no more.

Do it Now

World AIDS Day on Dec 1st —

World AIDS Day on Dec 1st

The Red ribbon is a symbol for solidarity with...
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Every year the World Aids Day is Celebrated on the 1st of December. This Day is mainly celebrated to create an awareness of AIDS among people. AIDS is a deadly disease and one of the major causes of death worldwide.

More Days like  this are required to create awareness among people.

World Anti-Obesity day celebrated on 26th November — November 26, 2010

World Anti-Obesity day celebrated on 26th November

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate throughout the world. Today it is estimated that there are more than 300 million obese people world-wide. Obesity is defined as a condition of excess body fat and is associated with a large number of debilitating and life-threatening disorders. The occurrence of obesity is increasing in most part of the world, affecting men, women and children. Furthermore, obesity is no longer just a concern for developed countries, but it is becoming an increasing problem in many developing countries.

This Day is celebrated to create an awareness among people. Obesity is now considered a disease and a cause of death among people.

Junk Foods like Burgers and Cold Drinks are the main cause for obesity. Such foods should be avoided and Health Food should be encouraged.

Obesity Kills. Remember Health is Wealth.

Occupational Health — November 20, 2010

Occupational Health

I had this course called Integrated Disaster Management Program in Sem II.

In that I got to know a lot about Occupational Health. I will like to share something here…

Occupational Health is the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations by preventing departures from health, controlling risks and the adaptation of work to people, and people to their jobs.
(ILO / WHO 1950)

The goal of all occupational health and safety programs is to foster a safe work environment.

Bernardino Ramazzini is The Father of Occupational Medicine

Bernardino Ramazzini was born in Carpi, Italy, in 1633. While he was still a medical student at Parma University, his attention was drawn to diseases suffered by workers. In 1682, when he was appointed chair of theory of medicine at the University of Modena, Ramazzini focused on workers’ health problems in a systematic and scholarly way. He visited workplaces, observed workers’ activities, and discussed their illnesses with them. The medicine courses he taught were dedicated to the diseases of workers

Ramazzini systematized the existing knowledge and made a large personal contribution to the field by collecting his observations in De Morbis Artificum Diatriba [Diseases of Workers]; the first edition was printed in Modena in 1700 and the second in Padua in 1713. Primarily on the basis of this work, Ramazzini is called “the father of occupational medicine.”

Occupational Health Day is commemorated every year on July 9.