This one’s one of my fav poem. Really Motivating. Read and Enjoy!!!! 🙂 😀

Do you have hard work to do? Do it now!

Do you have a kind word to say? Say it now!

If you have missed an opportunity in the past, it is not worth regretting. And it’s unwise waiting for a future moment to do anything, for future can’t be trusted. Now is the time to act. Only now is yours. Seize it and make full use of it.

If you have hard work to do,

Do it now,

Today the skies are clear and blue,

Tomorrow clouds may come in view.

Yesterday is not for you;

Do it now.

If you have a song to sing,

Sing it now,

Let the tones of gladness ring

Clear as song of bird in spring,

Let each day some music bring;

Sing it now.

If you have some kind words to say,

Say them now,

Tomorrow may not come your way;

Do a kindness while you may,

Loved ones will not always stay;

Say them now.

If you have a smile to show,

Show it now,

Make hearts happy, roses grow,

Let the friends around you know

The love you have before they go;

Show it now.

Work for the night is coming,

Work through the sunny noon;

Fill brightest hours with labour,

Rest comes sure and soon;

Give every flying minute,

Something to keep in store;

Work for the night is coming,

When the man works no more.

Do it Now