Wikipedia in SICSR 13th December 2010

Erik Möller talking about wikipedia

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

They came they rock and roll, gave us a hell lot of knowledge about Wiki, distributed T-Shirts and nice Badges also. :D

I got the Tee but couldn’t get the badge. Anyways I should be less materialistic.  ;)

Wikipedia is the 5th most popular website in the world right now with millions of articles. (Don’t remember the exact figures :P)

Dignitaries who visited us are……………………………………………….

Erik Möller, Deputy Director,Wikimedia Foundation, Danese Cooper, Chief Technical Officer, Wikimedia Foundation, Alolita Sharma, Engineering Programs Manager, Wikimedia Foundation.

Overall it was a great experience for me and my college both.

P.S  Sorry for posting such incomplete articles My Dear Blog but I am really tired. Went to college twice today, went to Vishwabhawan and F.C. Road too. Came back from college at around 9. I am just tired. :( Anyways it was an wonderful Day and  really memorable too :D

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