This one’s a small letter written by a son to her Dearest Mom…..

Read on to find out what he is trying to explain to her………:)

A Letter to Mom_Funny

Getting less scores and then feeling scared is a common thing especially among students in India and all over the world.

and sometimes some of them went as far as committing suicide.

Parents should be understanding and have a friendly relationship with their kids. Pressurizing never helps afterall.

I remember throughout my school days I used to be equally worried about my scores or grades…& the better I used to get sometimes though my paren’t expectations kept on rising….

One thing I learnt is that it’s the journey  which matters not just that that last moment when you reached the top. And Reaching the Top is easier but staying there for long is difficult and there are always others waiting to pull you down from there.

So Remember as said in Geeta……..

Whatever happened,

happened for the good;

whatever is happening,

is happening for the good;

whatever will happen,

will also happen for the good only.