A train near Bhopal, India
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BHOPAL: A large number of people participated in a “Peace March”, here to oppose the Madhya Pradesh government’s plan to rename Bhopal as “Bhojpal”.

The March was taken out last evening, following the Facebook campaign “Save Bhopal Initiative”, by Faizan Khan , a 22-year-old engineering student.

Last month, at a function organised to mark the millennium-celebration of coronation of the king Bhoj here, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said the proposal to rename Bhopal as Bhojpal would be sent to the Centre soon.

Former Mayor Deepchand Yadav , Congress leader P C Sharma , Arif Masood and Bhopal Group for Information and Action’s Satinath Sadangi took part in the yesterday’s rally.

Protesters were seen carrying placards, with slogans such as “Munni Ke Baad, Bhopal Ko Badnaam Mat Karo”.