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Food for Thought — May 12, 2011

Food for Thought

Here are some interesting topics for you to flex ur brains.

  • Future of Indian IT Industry?
  • Right To Information Act (RTI)
  • Face is index of mind
  • Do Cosmetic Ads promote prejudice?
  • Will Human Mind be  always superior to machines?
  • Alternate Energy
  • Troubles are Tomato Ketchup of Life?
  • SEZ
  • Cricket- Obsession in India?
  • Should helmet be made compulsory?
  • Should Family Planning be made compulsory?
  • Lokpal Bill
  • Bribe
  • Should Euthanasia be legalized in India
  • Do India have a disaster management system?
  • There is a lack of creative urge in the Present Generation
  • Delayed Justice- who is to be blamed
  • Sex Ratio
  • Do Indians spent too much on weddings?
  • Policing the net- Possible/Desirable
  • Are we careless towards our heritage.
  • Are Indian festivals being reduced to Tamasha.
  • Can we stop criminals from standing in elections?
  • Astrology- Science or Superstition?
  • Should the religion be made public?
  • Does India have social conscience?
  • Is the Immorality on the rise in our society?
  • Are Indian Companies about Family Raj?
  • Should strike and rallies be banned?
  • Friendly relations with Pakistan?
  • Indian Budget
  • How can we increase tourist trade in India?

Joke of the Day- Girls and Boys r so diff — May 9, 2011

Joke of the Day- Girls and Boys r so diff

Girl 1 (to her friends)- “I am in Love”

G2- Who’s he??

G3- What does he do??

G4- Is he tall??

G5- Is he cute??

G6- How rich is he??

G7- How does he look? 😉 😀

G8- Who are his friends..?

After total inspection( all girls- happy 4 u, wishes 4 us future)

Same situation..

Boy 1- “I ‘m in luv”

B2- bhaaii partyyyy!

B3- yeaaahh! bhai parrty..?

B4- sale party de..!

B5- partyyy..

B6- party bhai party?

B7- bhai party banti hai!

B8- bhai pila aaj toh!

Enjoy!!! 😉 😀 🙂 😀

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