Just checked out the Rockstar promo and it looked damn interesting.

The journey of a simple boy( Ranbir Kapoor)  falling in love with a girl in college then becoming a Rockstar after his love left him.

Rockstar is surely one of the most awaited movies of 2011 and Ranbir and Nargis looks really good as a couple.

Catch out the promo people. 😀

And this week have been a good for Bollywood. Three Movies released their Theatrical Trailer and raised the curosity of the fans sky high.

The movies are Rockstar, Dirty Picture and Agneepath.

Vidya Balan looked sultry in the Dirty Picture and Agneepath is bringing back a movie made of the 90’s formula..Hero running after the Villian, fighting, dhisum-dhisum etc etc.

Here comes the Agneepath Trailer..

The Dirty Picture Trailer…