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Don’t Take them for Granted — January 29, 2012

Don’t Take them for Granted

We Take Everything For Granted,

– A Constantly Worried Mom,

– A Strict Dad,

– Annoying Brother,

– Rude Sister,

– Chipku Friend,

– Possessive Lover,

– Demanding Wife,

– Complaining Husband,


When you Lose them

Then, You Miss Them As

– Caring Mom,

– Concerned Dad,

– Best Brother

– Stupid Sister

– My Heart : My Friend,

– My Life : My Love

– My entire world: Husband/wife

Don’t Take them for Granted.

Life Never Gives a 2nd Chance. !!

Just love them ♥ 🙂

Make a List — January 8, 2012

Make a List

Make a List
When you are feeling Blue Fill in this List

Doesn’t you feel good after listing down all the things you have.

Try this out sometimes. It really helps. 😀