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Ich liebe dich ♥ — May 7, 2011

Ich liebe dich ♥

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Ich liebe dich ♥ means I love you in German.

Ich for I , liebe for Love and dich for you

Say Ich liebe dich to someone today.

New Blog-Programming Palace — May 5, 2011

New Blog-Programming Palace

Hi Friends

I have just started my new blog

As Bits and Bytes were getting crowded with my personal ramblings.

Programming Palace is meant for Programming and nothing else.

The Blog has a good look and feel and dedicated solely to Programming.

Enjoy…;) We have just began. 😀 😉 

And I am so happy to get back to Bits and Bytes.

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Study Study and Study

So what I did today

JDBC- Surf a few good websites for the JDBC thing.

Got idea about mysql & Java DB. Made a few Databases and tables in Java DB.

Finally Doing well in Java EE. I am liking it now. 😉


Next I found out about the other lesser known CMS’s.

Trying my hands with Magento.

Rest yesterday was busy with Micro controller 8051.  Finally getting some hold with Embedded Systems. 😉 😀

Busy Weeks are coming ahead.

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